Kiichi Fujimoto

Kiichi (貴一, alternate reading Kiyoshi) Fujimoto is a student from Manuel High, and the leader of the first-years. In real life, he is the cruellest character to be given a name - he is willing to kick someone who is lying down, and punch someone who simply bumps into him on the street. He is feared even by his friends.

On the internet, things are the other way around. He finds it important to have a proper "netiquette", and afraid of trolls and people making condescending posts about him. His online name is "11 P.M." and has been left unexplained by the author, who simply asks himself what it is supposed to mean.

A person with sunglasses and hair similar to Jun Ishikawa's is often seen sitting around in Kiichi's room. They cannot be related, as the other person calls Kiichi by his last name.

Although Kiichi appears in several stories in the manga, only one was adapted into the anime, and regardless of this, he still is shown during the opening. He is voiced by Tomoyuki Shimura (original audio) and Chris Kringe (dub).